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How to Enjoy the Benefits of Premium Care with Dr. Byran's Practice


A Personal Invitation to Join My Practice 

Thank you for your interest in my practice.

In a time where longer waits to establish care and shorter office visits have become the norm, I am pleased to provide care that emphasizes personal attention to each patient. My practice model ensures your immediate access to me and enables me to respond quickly to your medical needs. You enjoy same or next day appointments and full access to me by cell phone, email, and through the internet. I strive to develop meaningful andlong term relationships with each of my patients.

Once a part of my practice, we will work together to achieve your health and lifestyle goals in a manner that is approachable and designed for each patient. I provide scheduled telephone appointments to permit more efficient use of your time. If you are admitted to the hospital, I coordinate and supervise care for my patients. I make house calls when needed. I place enhanced emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention, as well as personalized lifestyle counseling. My goal is to help you live each day better.

Those who join my practice pay a reasonable, annual membership fee. This enables me to remove the emphasis for speed and efficiency from my interactions with patients and to care for my patients as I would take care of friends and family. Membership includes all the benefits described above and in the accompanying literature. The annual fee is not in lieu of insurance, but allows me to focus on providing a high level of service to my patients. Your existing insurance should be maintained to cover additional visits and services not included in the annual fee, as well as those of other medical providers you might need outside our office.

Making well-informed decisions about your health care takes time. Please read and consider the many benefits you will enjoy as a patient in my Premium Care practice. Once you’ve had a chance to review the information on this website, I invite you to call my office and speak to me or one of my staff members for more information. I also encourage you to arrange a time to meet and get acquainted.

My goal is to be the best doctor I can be, and to be there when you need me.


Brittany Bryan, MD


What's Included

The Comprehensive Medical Examination, Personal Wellness Plan, and personal attention of a small practice are included in the annual fee. Families are encouraged to participate with a discount for additional family members, ages 16 to 25 years old.


The annual fee is not in lieu of insurance. You will still need health insurance to cover other visits not included in the annual fee. Also, your existing coverage will be used for care you need outside of my office with specialists, hospitals, labs, x-rays, or medications.

How to Join

Call our office (805) 682-3771 or request a meet and greet online today!

I encourage you to request a complimentary meet and greet appointment with me so we can visit and get to know each other.

Also, please call this number if you still have questions about Premium Care Internal Medicine. We’d be delighted to talk with you more about my unique approach to personalizing your health care.

"I love Dr Bryan. She always listens very closely to my symptoms and looks at my history to figure out the best way to treat my problem." -Verified Patient on Healthgrades


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